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I am a mobile dj merchant reseller an a entertainment sponsor  founder an developer to a community center the Sun Ute community center an skatepark in the four corners Southwest Ignacio Colorado 81137 on the Southern Ute Indian reservation. I own a casino an bowling alley. The Sky Ute casino an Rolling Thunder Lanes. Looking for boxers mma fighters an musicians Bayfield Ignacio Durango Colorado New Mexico Arizona Utah. I'll bring the highlights to any venue big and small. Music of all types Rap R&B Dance Jazz and old tunes with some country for the eating venues.

My Work


DJ venues Dances Birthday parties Dinner Lunch Breakfast Small & Big Events an Merchant reseller Entertainment sponsor music 2004-2015 rap an R&B club some jazz country an old tunes and witchery of church value witchery of Jesus Christ whispered on man woman child lips that thorn crown Jesus worn witchery to your inner angel remorse without a soul savior to your head. Stop the all eyes right eye witchery use a lighter dont light lighter sunk away the ghost spirit messing with your eyes sunk away the spirit coming off your face eyes. Use a knit hat see through knit hat. The flying around spirit witchery from past spirit and the death cemeteries. ghost witchery. Self awareness in church forced sin drinking wine on Sundays. Job in the bible says all generation at fault over the LGBQT syndrome of a person Gods curse on humanity. I do exorcism of fear off your back. Stop the witchery of the LGBQT witchery on man women an child that certain girlie vibe. Your inner angel seeks answers with questions im a Healer an Exorcist Believe in God the ending to Christian Catholic worship into Jesus Christ an all its witchery. The ending to the Spanish witchery of the witch saint death Sante Muerte your skeletal spirit from your bones Believe in Jesus an God again. We won this over time A Frost bet$$$gov't a Southern Ute Indian tribe Southwest Ignacio Colorado. Utes wore the first Gov't indian tribe Brian Frost watch your WWEwrestling third person tells the story. Why all indians get money our government is stronger than the Government We mob here. Ezekiel prophet answer sisters Russia Ukraine war Biblical answers Britain owns Canada African Witchery Spanish curse of the four corners recognize the free 666 broadcasting bright color white ghost spirits in house outside house bright colorful wardrobe mix with tv movie watching listen  to changed tempo of sound an that mysterious squelch beat in all communication, War on the US lost business on the internet. Stop the right eye witchery of Satan an the Leviathan serpent seeping in your system from your toilet spirits could end your life with your insides of body an your eyes Spirit war is over Race take over International war with witchery from other countries payment $200,000 an 10 gold bricks payed yearly.

Im a Southern Ute Native American from one of  three Ute bands founder an developer to a community center the Sun Ute Community center an skatepark Im a mobile Dj an Pa for any venues. Dinners Lunch Breakfast Dances and Birthday parties also sponsor entertainment and a merchant reseller selling $50.00 knee pads for the skatepark Ignacio Colorado 81137 skateboarders and $100.00 Pioneer DDJ controllers merchandise and all others contact me cell 970-442-1246 home 970-884-6123 email ......(mailing) p.o. box 836 Ignacio Colorado 81137 ....Dances Birthday parties PA 1-2hr events $200 Small Events PA 3hr events $300 Big Events Car Shows Festivals Weddings PA 3-5hr events $500 will meet demands with Dj.

This Is Us - Social Media Campaign

To work with schools and differant organization in the four corners Colorado Utah Arizona an New Mexico

Dinner Lunch & Breakfast venues dances parties weddings 

added Pa system for communication purpose Live talks and Communication

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